BMS approached pixelslam to re-design their existing website, retaining all content from the current WordPress site as well as the general site architecture; however, the client wanted a newly-designed site that would be easy to update, is responsive, and would compliment the design of their recently-completed Custom Bottle Source website (

Pixelslam designed a site utilizing the same color palette and fonts as well as similar design elements such as a large home page “hero” graphic, photo galleries and functional footer. However, the design remained different enough to allow each company to maintain separate identities.

In order to design and build the site within the client’s budget and timeline, pixelslam created an exact copy of the existing site, reducing the time involved in content authoring or copying content from one site to the other. Once a copy of the site was made, necessary updates were made to the WordPress version as well as plugins. The plug-ins were then evaluated for usefulness and to ensure no unnecessary files were affecting page-load time. A theme was then installed which allowed rapid development of templates based on the selected design.

Then, to give the client complete flexibility to design and create any page-layout their content dictated, Visual Composer was installed. Visual Composer is a drag and drop page and layout-builder with a number of configurable modules including photo galleries, content sliders, buttons, accordions and more.The Visual Composer allows the client to break free of the few page templates a developer might create as part of a theme (full widget, left column, right column, three column) and lets the client build fully-responsive, multi-column layouts and pages. The Visual Composer also allows the client to easily embed Aweber forms without needing to understand code.

Lastly, a custom post type was created allowing the client to more easily create and manage job postings without needing to submit a support ticket to a web development company and wait for an edit to be made.

This new WordPress site gives BMS control over their own content, allowing them to keep content fresh and up-to-date. The site can also grow and expand as the business’s online presence changes, such as adding a blog or introducing social media integration, as well as building landing pages for lead generation and lead nurturing.