Technology, the internet, business and how people communicate continues to evolve. People are more connected than ever and are performing billions of searches each day (at least a trillion searches per year according to SearchEngineLand).

As such, it’s a good idea to periodically evaluate how well your digital presence and especially your website communicates with your audience and how accurately it represents your business.

Your evaluation might indicate you only need small copy edits to your content to bring it up to date. However, it could also indicate that you need a more extensive redesign.

Reasons for a redesign

  • Your business focus has changed.
  • Your site isn’t mobile friendly
  • Your site isn’t performing as well as you would like
  • Your site isn’t functioning
  • Your site design/layout is outdated
  • You want to include a content strategy
  • You need to add social media integration
  • Your content management system is old
  • Your company branding has changed
  • You want to add functionality

Why pixelslam opted to redesign

For pixelslam, several of the above reasons necessitated a website redesign.

While we were busy working on client sites using the most up-to-date content management systems, responsive design and user-experience best practices, our site became stagnant and outdated.

We started with a good, hard look at our business and realized there were a number of services offerings that no longer aligned with our core competencies, the needs of our clients and prospects and our business objectives and strategies. We changed the focus of the site and wee streamlined the messaging to make finding out about us and what we do easier. If a user can’t find what they are looking for, they’ll leave quickly.

Once we were satisfied with our messaging, we developed a mobile-friendly site focused on showing users our work in a visual manner. Mobile users expect sites to load quickly, be easy to read and use and grab their attention quickly. They want the same user experience (UX) on their mobile device that they get on their laptop/desktop. And it isn’t just good for users; being mobile-friendly is good for SEO.

We also wanted to create a site that would allow us to develop a content marketing strategy that includes blogging and providing useful information to our audience about web design and development. Content marketing focuses on providing information to attract users to your site, build relationships and improve search results.


Undertaking a website redesign can be a large and expensive endeavor. However, your website is one of your greatest marketing assets; it needs to be kept fresh as well as focused on the needs of your audience.