BU School of Public Health Activist Lab Website Design

The Client Challenge

Recently, the Boston University School of Public Health Activist Lab enlisted the help of pixelslam to create a small four-page website. The Activist Lab wanted the website design to include a homepage containing four images. These images would provide links to individual interior pages & external resources on the main BU website.


Blow Molded Specialties Website Redesign

BMS approached pixelslam to re-design their existing website, retaining all content from the current WordPress site as well as the general site architecture; however, the client wanted a newly-designed site that would be easy to update, is responsive, and would compliment the design of their recently-completed Custom Bottle Source website (http://custombottlesource.com/).

Pixelslam designed a site utilizing the same color palette and fonts as well as similar design elements such as a large home page “hero” graphic, photo galleries and functional footer. However, the design remained different enough to allow each company to maintain separate identities.


Change happens. Why pixelslam created a new website.

Technology, the internet, business and how people communicate continues to evolve. People are more connected than ever and are performing billions of searches each day (at least a trillion searches per year according to SearchEngineLand).

As such, it’s a good idea to periodically evaluate how well your digital presence and especially your website communicates with your audience and how accurately it represents your business.

Your evaluation might indicate you only need small copy edits to your content to bring it up to date. However, it could also indicate that you need a more extensive redesign.

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